FTIR and Raman





FDM ATR Drug Mixtures (>780,000 spectra)

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•500 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1

•4 cm-1 resolution

•2 components per spectrum

•10% relative concentration interval


This library is for rapid screening of bulk drug mixtures. It is derived from the neat 440 compound spectra in the FDM ATR Drugs.  

This can be thought of as a coarser filter for bulk drug mixture analysis.

Where the strength of considerably smaller FDM ATR Drug Kit derives from human knowledge guiding the contents, this library relies on the power of pre-computed combinations of everything in the FDM ATR Drugs.  This library will present hits for combinations of drug compounds that are both ordinary and out of the ordinary.

Available for use with the FDM SearchFaster software and a few other select formats.