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FDM ATR Inorganics Diamond (498 spectra)

FDM ATR Inorganics Germanium (586 spectra)

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•400 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1, Diamond

•600 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1, Germanium

•2 cm-1 resolution


•Part of the FDM ALL ATR Bundle

This library of ATR/FTIR spectra has a wide variety of oxides, non-metal oxide anions such as carbonates, nitrates, phosphates, sulfates and so on and then metal oxides anions including tungstates, molybdates, vanadates, etc.  There are hydrates of purely ionic and otherwise IR inactive compounds. There is wide variety of organometallics many of which are acetylacetonate or halo-substituted acetylacetonate complexes.

We know of no other ATR/FTIR library of inorganic compounds with both diamond and germanium ATR spectra.

See also the FDM FAQ for further discussion of diamond and germanium ATR crystals.

See also the FDM Raman Inorganics.