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FDM ATR Polymers Diamond (1085 spectra)

FDM ATR Polymers Germanium (615 spectra)

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•400 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1, Diamond ATR crystal

•600 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1, Germanium ATR crystal

•2 cm-1 resolution


•Part of the FDM ALL ATR Bundle

These libraries of polymer ATR/FTIR spectra are for looking at all manner of polymers, plastics and rubber. In 2013, we expanded our collection of plasticizers, polymers, copolymers and terpolymers with a fresh set of monomers and new polymer additives. Plastic rod stock and commodity plastic pellets were added for both common resins and engineering plastics. To support rubber analysis we ran spectra of a diverse variety of samples with uses and hardness clearly stated in each spectrum’s chemical name.

As with several of the FDM ATR/FTIR libraries, we reran the entire collection on a monolithic diamond ATR crystal. We also ran many spectra on a germanium ATR crystal to address the strong refractive index of found in the spectra of compounds such as polysulfides, polysulphones and rubber.

From 2013 to 2016 the FDM ATR Polymers had 54 germanium spectra and 1085 diamond spectra. In 2016 we released another 561 germanium spectra so the polymer spectra were reorganized into the FDM ATR Polymers Diamond and the FDM ATR Polymers Germanium.

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