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FDM FTIR Surfactants (430 spectra)

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•500 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1

•4 cm-1 resolution


•Part of the FDM Bundle I

•Part of the FDM Bundle II

These transmission FTIR spectra of detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers and other materials are for analyzing common surfactants. All of the compounds come with clear, meaningful chemical names recognizable by analytical chemists, research chemists, process engineers and regulators. This database is an excellent tool for any chemist working with surfactants.

Several surveys of important families of compounds are covered including:

-PEG 200-6000 mono[ laurates, stearates, oleates, ricinoleates]
-PEG 200-6000 di[ laurates, stearates, oleates ]

and many surfactant materials formulated with abietates, amide, amines, caprates, diamides, diamines, ethanolamides, glycols, laurates, myristates, naphthenates, oleates, palmitates, stearates, sulfonates and ricinoleates.