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Spectral Libraries

Trade-In your FTIR for FDM FTIR Libraries

If you are buying a new FTIR, please contact us.

We’d like to discuss trading your old FTIR a license to select FDM FTIR libraries. We reserve the right to reject any and all offers.


-You get FTIR libraries with your new system making it far more useful and making you look good.

-No budgeting required.

-Fast process.

-Conserves your instrument capital budget.

-A complete paper trail is generated.

-The old equipment goes away!

We are looking for:

-Basic systems  (Agilent Cary, Thermo Avatar or is5, etc.)

-Advanced systems (Thermo Nexus or is10, Bruker Tensor, Jasco 4000, Shimadzu 8400, PerkinElmer, etc.)

-Research grade systems (Thermo is50, Bruker Vector, Jasco 6000)

-GC-FTIR systems

-Gas analysis and EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis) and TGA (ThermoGravimetric Analysis) systems

-Cryogenic systems

-Sophisticated infrared accessories and detectors

-Handheld Smiths Detection or Thermo/Ahura systems

-Your alternative suggestions

Complete FTIR systems are sought. These include a functioning spectrometer, computer with installed software, CDs, data cables, power cords, documentation, and original packaging if possible, etc.

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