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FTIR and Raman

Spectral Libraries

Supported FTIR & Raman Library formats:

ABB’s Horizon MB

ACD’s UV/IR Data Manager

ACD’s Spectrus

Agilent’s Resolutions™

Agilent’s MicroLab™

BioRad’s KnowItAll®

B&W Tek’s BWID™

Bruker’s OPUS™

FDM’s FTIR and Raman Software Development Kit (SDK)

FDM’s SearchFaster™ for FTIR and Raman

Operant’s Essential FTIR™ with the FDM Library Search (For use with Analect, Andor, ASAP Analytical, Beijing Rayleigh, Buck Scientific, Interspectrum, Jasco, and Midac systems.)


PerkinElmer’s Spectrum Search™

PerkinElmer’s Spectrum 10

Renishaw’s WISE™

Shimadzu’s Irsolution™

Snowy Range/Metrohm Cbex™

Thermo’s SpectralID™

Thermo’s OMNIC™

If you don’t see your spectrometer or software, ask.

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