Get more done with the FDM Library Search for use with Essential FTIRTM from Operant, LLC.

Download a 14 day trial of 12 databases:

Transmission Infrared Spectra
FDM FTIR Spectra of Polymers and Polymer Additives

FDM FTIR Spectra of Surfactants
FDM FTIR Spectra of Organic Compounds
FDM FTIR Spectra of Minerals and Inorganic Compounds

ATR (Attenuated Total Reflectance)Spectra
FDM ATR Polymers
FDM ATR Organics
FDM ATR Inorganics
FDM ATR Essential Oils
FDM ATR Retail Adhesives

Raman Spectra
FDM Raman Polymers
FDM Raman Organics

Key Features:

Excellent for everyday FTIR library searching.

Easy to install, use and update.

File viewing, baseline correction and much more.

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Really fast full spectrum searching.

More than 30,000 FTIR spectra available.

Read about the FDM FTIR and Raman Database Bundles.
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