The FDM Mixture Libraries are new screening tools for bulk mixture identification problems. Use them with your conventional libraries.

Searching conventional spectral libraries works when searching neat compounds but results often degrade when additional components exceed 10% relative concentration.  

The FDM Mixture Libraries address the problem with combinations of neat compound spectra.

The “Kit” libraries contain defined sets of mixtures based on human knowledge and experience.  For example, the FDM ATR Drug Kit has 230 sets of mixtures (like cocaine + heroin) totaling about 4250 spectra. Searching takes just a few seconds.

Mixture libraries have key advantages over compute intensive algorithms.

• Speed! Searching takes seconds while computing takes minutes.

• Works with your software.

• Very little extra training is required.

• It’s easy to ID or characterize multi-component bulk mixtures.

• No quantitative calibration is required.

Mixture libraries offer an easy way past spectral subtraction. It is often far superior to see combinations of spectra than to subtract.



FTIR and Raman